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We used dropSHIP like it's hot the first time this summer at the peak of the pandemic. Our President’s Club winners were all set to go to Mexico when the pandemic hit and travel was prohibited. In an effort to provide them with something special, we turned to dropSHIP like it's hot to dropship items from multiple vendors in one high quality, carefully crafted gifts complete with a card from our COO and packaged with our brand colors.  Anna Costello, Owner and Founder of dropSHIP like it's hot, went above and beyond to make sure our needs were met, including pricing, timing, and specialized packaging. We had a couple of issues on our end and Anna handled them gracefully, always delivering and exceeding our expectations, helping to ensure that our sales team would receive the highest quality end-result, in which they deserved. She constantly kept us updated on the status’ of shipments with the pandemic slowing down supply chains, and made us feel at ease working through the project. I would recommend dropSHIP like it's hot to anyone who is looking for not only a dropship vendor, but high quality, personalized packaging and gifting. We will continue to use Anna & Team for our dropship and packaging needs.. and look forward to our next projects with them!

- Lauren


Fluff Trough


As a brand new pet product business owner, I had no idea how to start shipping my products to customers. dropSHIP like it's hot came highly recommended from a business group and made it so simple and cost-effective to receive, store, and manage my inventory. The onboarding process was so fast and easy! My customers consistently rave about the speed of shipping and love the personal touch with the packaging. dropSHIP like it's hot specializes in creating the most memorable unboxing experience, including custom branding on the box, handwritten notes, wrapping every shipment with paw print tissue wrap, and suggesting amazing surprise and delight items. Anna, the owner, designed promotional materials to go in my shipments which significantly increased the number of reviews and recommendations, as well as created huge fans of the brand. dropSHIP like it's hothas also been able to accommodate my growing business. The team receives huge shipments of inventory and keeps it organized and clean in their amazing warehouse space. If I need something, the dropSHIP like it's hot team responds very quickly and is always available to help to we can provide a high level of service to customers.

- Debra




Anna was a delight to

work  with at dropSHIP

like it's hot. We usually

throw a big party, and we

needed to find a unique

way to celebrate our

employees for our

Anniversary. She helped us

figure out beautifully

curated boxes to send to

each employee while we

were all stuck WFH during

the pandemic. She was

extremely patient as we

needed to make necessary

changes. Her attention

to detail was impressive.

Every employee was so

grateful. It truly was a

beautiful, unboxing

experience. I can't wait to

work with her again

- Kat

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Where Collective


dropSHIP like it's hot has been such an amazing partner in the launch of Where Collective Boutique! Not only is Anna such a supportive and helpful partner, she really cares about the success of her customers. She tailored the order fulfillment and inventory for our boutique to be the perfect solution for our operations and our budget. 

The team has been extremely accommodating as we grow our business and learn more about our customers' preferences and feedback. The teams' attention to detail in our packing and product care has allowed us to focus on other tasks and projects for our business. For example, we learned that our customers are commonly sending our products as gifts and would like to include a gift message. dropSHIP like it's hot team was more than willing to offer a handwritten note to include in the gift box. This was only one of many examples we could share of the dropSHIP like it's hot team going above and beyond to provide the best service for their customers. 

We are so grateful to have found a partner like dropSHIP like it's hot to help launch and support our boutique, especially in the early stages. We would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a fulfillment or printing partner. Please feel free to reach out to us directly to chat about this awesome team so you feel more comfortable partnering with dropSHIP like it's hot!

- Kelsey